McIntosh Gallery Art & Travel Committee Presents a Ruth Abernethy Art Tour & Cymbeline at the Tom Patterson Theatre

Friday, May 24, 2024
Stratford, ON

Spend a fun day touring the work of renowned Canadian sculptor Ruth Abernethy before departing for Stratford to enjoy Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. Forbidden love. Familial strife. Political intrigue. In Cymbeline, the playwright fuses romance, comedy and tragedy to create a unique fantasia brimming with mistaken identities and gender-swapping disguises. Set in an ancient British kingdom, the story introduces Imogen, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved heroines, as well as the dastardly Iachimo, a worthy contender for all-time greatest villain.

The flyer can be accessed here and includes additional details about this trip, including an itinerary. 

For Further Information contact Gaby Sterescu at (519) 757-5535 or OR Catherine Littlejohn at