Tributaries of the Glacial Empire
May 10, 2024
| Rashana Youtzy, Public Journal

In two sound and video installations, Requiem for a Glacier (2013) and Glacial (2023), recently on display at the McIntosh Gallery, Western University, artist Paul Walde seeks to memorialize glaciers: those vital reservoirs of water that sustain ecosystems, form stream habitats, and cool downstream temperatures through meltwater... (Read more)

Written on the Earth – McIntosh Gallery
April 17, 2021 
| Madeline Lennon,

It is hard to imagine what to expect in an exhibition of works based on tornado studies. As I discovered, Written on the Earth actually deals with a broad range of issues, inspired by interactions... (Read more)

Hidden stories in the family photo album: The ‘brown sugar diaspora’
December 7, 2018
| Nalini Mohabir, The Conversation

The exhibition Coolie Coolie Viens featuring the work of Canadian artist and scholar Andil Gosine, on view at the McIntosh Gallery... (Read more)

Andil Gosine: Coolie Coolie Viens
November 2018
| Ramabai Espinet, PREE Carribbean Writing

The taunt of “coolie” is familiar to any Trinidadian. The act of turning the derogatory appellate into a revolutionary source of pride... (Read more)

Moodie's work probes concept of time
March 19, 2016 
| The London Free Press

A renowned London artist and educator is featured in one of two new exhibitions opening... (Read more)

Bare Art - giving to Western
August 11, 2015 
| The Alumni Gazette

A velvet bear head. A widebrimmed hat adorned with artificial flowers and twigs. A dress affixed with a multitude... (Read more)

Maurice Stubbs - A London Art Pioneer Finally Gets His Due
June 19, 2015 
| by Herman Gooden of the London Yodeller

A couple decades ago when BealArt was enduring one of its periodic assaults from educational bureaucrats looking to scale... (Read more)

Thoughtful curator painted the door red at McIntosh; It and he made a difference
May 6, 2015 
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

But that door serves as a symbol of the intuitive legacy of Maurice Stubbs, the McIntosh Gallery’s first fulltime curator who... (Read more)

ArtShare Makes Campus a Permanent Gallery
March 13, 2015 
| by Kevin Hurren of The Western Gazette

For many students, waiting outside of a classroom or professor’s office can be pretty mundane. But did you know.... (Read more)

Exploring the Political Economy of Food, Farming, and Agriculture
January 22, 2015 
| by Vince Cherniak of the London Yodeller

Ron Benner’s mixed-media photographic exhibit Three Questions at McIntosh Gallery might just provide an answer, and yet,.... (Read more)

Benner's Art Serves Up Food for Thought
January 16, 2015 
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

There’s nothing easy about a Ron Benner installation but there’s sure lots to savour, enjoy and ponder..... (Read more)

Picasso and Chagall Visit UWO's McIntosh Gallery
December 4, 2014
 | by Richard Joseph

The Grant and Peggy Reuber Collection of International Works on Paper is on display to the public for the first time at the McIntosh Gallery..... (Read more)

Beg, Borrow, or Steal - There's More Than One Way to Find Inspiration
December 4, 2014
 | by Vincent Cherniak of The London Yodeller

Over several decades, locals Peggy and Grant Reuber assembled a quite remarkable collection of international works on paper, now on paper..... (Read more)

 Bentham’s Untitled gets a new life on campus
October 9, 2014
| by Taylor Davison of McIntosh Gallery via Western News

In 1979, THE University Students’ Council (USC) commissioned Saskatchewan artist Douglas Bentham to create a sculpture in honour of Western’s 100th anniversary.... (Read more)

Captive beauty: Werner and Nelson at McIntosh Gallery
September 25, 2014
| by Amie Ronald-Morgan of Scene Magazine

We live in a visual culture, one that bombards us with images tailored to illicit specific reactions.... (Read more)

Janet Werner exhibit opens at McIntosh Gallery
September 18, 2014
| by Tabitha Chan of The Western Gazette

Janet Werner is a Canadian artist who uses an amalgamation of portrait painting and fashion culture imagery to create a dynamic conversation about what true beauty really is.... (Read more)

Edgy photos showcased at McIntosh
September 10, 2014
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

A photographer and an artist are featured in two new exhibitions at a London gallery.... (Read more)

Digging through Rob Nelson's portfolio for photos that survive the test of time
August 28, 2014
| by Vince Cherniak of The London Yodeller

The world of fashion and celebrity photography is not a forum one would normally visit to consider higher aesthetics... (Read more)

The utter fascination of watching paint dry
July 3, 2014
| by Vince Cherniak of The London Yodeller

Watching the installation videos that form part of Canadian artist Dave Kemp’s The things you know but cannot explain exhibition might leave you speechless. (Read more)

Catching up with visual artists and musician James Kirkpatrick
May 22, 2014
| by Vince Cherniak of The London Yodeller

It’s hard not to run into James Kirkpatrick — perhaps London’s most energetic and industrious creator of the moment — somewhere in the world. (Read more)

Students creating unique 'virtual exhibit' of post-war Guatemala
Mar 21, 2014
| by Craig Gilbert of London Community News

A “brave” class of Western students destined for a three-week stay in Guatemala later this year are getting their feet wet in a unique way. (Read more)

The Infinite Inspiration of the Dutch Landscape
Mar 13, 2014
| by Vince Cherniak of The London Yodeller

It’s not every day that some Rembrandts come to li’l ole London, but that’s just one of many good reasons to take in this not-to-be-missed exhibition this month. (Read more)

Bringing art to the community
Feb 27, 2014
| by Katelyn Dingman of Western News

Ben Benedict gained attention after his work was featured in Western’s McIntosh Gallery 21 years ago. The gallery has been an important part of his life ever since. (Read more)

Storms and Bright Skies
Feb 14, 2014
| by Peter Zimonjic of National Gallery of Canada Magazine

McIntosh Gallery at the University of Western Ontario is hoping a visiting exhibition from the National Gallery of Canada, featuring works by well-known Dutch artists, will bring them a whole new audience.  (Read more)

Going Dutch at the McIntosh
Feb 13, 2014
| by Mike Maloney of London Community News

Western University’s McIntosh Gallery is presenting a rare glimpse into the work of some of the greatest Dutch artists with an exhibition of works entitled Storms and Bright Skies: Three Centuries of Dutch Landscapes. (Read more)

Hamilton music notes - Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990
Feb 13, 2014
| by Ric Taylor of View Magazine

‘Lucky’ Pete Lambert’s history in punk began in South Western Ontario’s Forest City. At 14, Lambert fronted his first band called Cruiser in London, Ontario but became a punk when he saw the Demics in August of 1978. (Read more)

Dutch art new to Western
Feb 12, 2014
| by Tabitha Chan of The Western Gazette

Western University’s McIntosh Gallery is partnering with the National Gallery of Canada for the first time in 35 years to present an exciting exhibition titled “Storms and Bright Skies: Three Centuries of Dutch Landscapes.” (Read more)

Exhibiting symptoms
Jan 7, 2014
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

Buckle those seat-belts, arts lovers, because 2014 is about to take off. There are five major arts events in London this year to keep an eye on, beginning with a tribute to London’s Greg Curnoe, who died in 1992 when struck by a pick-up truck while riding with a group of cycling friends. (Read more)

Tracing the rail lines with Scott Conarroe
Dec 19, 2013
| by Vince Cherniak of The London Yodeller

The industrial infrastructure that keeps our society and economy chugging along – highways, rail lines, factories, mining pits --may not be the first place a lot of us would think to find aesthetic inspiration or a reverie, but it’s been a rich source of inquiry for many contemporary artists. (Read more on page 17)

Graphic Underground: London 1977 – 1990 – The flip side
Dec 5, 2013 | by Robert Pegg of The London Yodeller

According to London punk-scene catalyst Mike Niederman, there were three events that led up to the birth of our local punk movement in late 1977. (Read more on page 7)

All aboard Conarroe art show
Dec 5, 2013
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

The photos of a renowned former London resident are focus of a new exhibition in London.  Scott Conarroe: By Rail, organized by the Art Gallery of Windsor and presented by McIntosh Gallery’s art and travel committee, continues until Feb. 1.  (Read more)

The graphic story of punk music in the Forest City
Dec 4, 2013
| by Mila Petkovic of Metro London

London desperately needed to throw a punch.  “It was so ultraconservative that anybody that had any kind of life in them were sick of it and just wanted to let loose. People were bouncing off the walls looking for something to do,” says Brian Lambert, 36 years after the birth of London’s punk culture.  (Read more)

Book launch: Graphic Underground London 1977-1990
Nov 21, 2013
| by Amie Ronald-Morgan and Chris Morgan of Scene

Late last year, the Graphic Underground: London 1977 – 1990 show took over the Forest City Gallery.  Hundreds of reproductions of handmade posters advertising concerts for punk bands and zines illustrating the topics du jour in London’s thriving alternative music and art scene during that era lined the gallery walls, giving visitors a singular opportunity to trip down memory lane. (Read more)

Graphic gift for a punk Christmas
Nov 15, 2013
| by James Reaney of The London Free Press

London’s punk-rock Santa arrives early this Christmas.  With the launch on Dec. 7 of the catalogue Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990, there’s a trip back to punk’s glory days, scholarly insights that blitz along like a Demics’ song and more than 500 images, many in full colour —all of them seemingly stabbed onto the page with cool, raging punk passion. (Read more)

An art exhibit becoming an experience
Oct 3, 2013
| by Kevin Heslop of The Western Gazette

At McIntosh Gallery, the black-and-white picture of Brenda Wallace was captured while she was smoking a cigarette, dressed darkly, dark hair tied back; her eyes betray a glimmer of profound creative vitality. (Read more)

Cracking open The Book
Oct 1, 2013
| by Nicole Jackson of The Western Gazette

Ottawa-based artist Carol Wainio’s art exhibit, The Book, is currently showing at Western’s McIntosh Gallery and consists of a collection of paintings that illustrate the shifting and contradictory role of representation. (Read more)

So those weird grey electrical boxes scattered around town – they’re actually art
Sept 12, 2013
| by Mila Petkovic of Metro News

You may have seen those grey electrical boxes stuck to posts downtown — or maybe you haven’t. They can be overlooked easily enough. If you listen close, though, you’ll notice they emit strange snippets of electronic sounds. And, they’re actually art. (Read more)

THEA YABUT & GILES WHITAKER at McIntosh Gallery in London
Sept 10, 2013
| by Kim Neudorf of Akimbo

Thea Yabut's MFA exhibition Lines of Necessity at the McIntosh Gallery focuses on expanding both traditional and contemporary drawing vocabularies within a highly personal project.  (Read more)

On the canvas: Two diverse exhibitions at gallery
May 22, 2013 
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

Two Ontario artists are being featured in a new exhibition at Western University’s McIntosh Gallery. (Read more)

Interview with McIntosh Gallery curator Catherine Elliot Shaw
May 6, 2013 
| by Kay Nadalin of London Fuse

Throughout 2012, McIntosh Gallery acquired a number of important contemporary Canadian works of art.  On Wednesday May 8th, McIntosh Gallery will celebrate these acquisitions with a reception held at 4 p.m. in Weldon Library, Western University. In advance of Wednesday's event, McIntosh Gallery curator Catherine Elliot Shaw was kind enough to spend some time answering a few questions and sharing her knowledge. (Read more)

Collector was Friend to Artists
Apr 15, 2013 
| by The London Free Press

As art exhibitions go, this one is decidedly personal. (Read more)

New gallery sticking with unique art
Feb 28, 2013 
| by The Western Gazette 

Look closely at artist Payton Turner’s walls and you will notice that what looks like painted patterns are actually a variety of quirky stickers. (Read more)

Just look for the guerrilla knitting: Art exhibit explores our obsession with collecting stuff
Feb 27, 2013 
| by Mila Petkovic of Metro Lodon

Tree trunks covered in brightly knitted cozies will mark the outside of a London gallery in an act of yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting — a practice used to draw attention to a space that might otherwise be overlooked (Read more)

Stickers Stickers on the Wall, Hoarding is the Love of Stuff
Feb 23, 2013
| by Artcentron

Brooklyn artist Payton Turner and her collaborator Brian Kaspr have traveled to London Ontario to wallpaper McIntosh Gallery with thousands of individually placed stickers. (Read more)

La galerie McIntosh présente les oeuvres d’Adrian Norvid
Jan 31, 2013
| by Jorge Oliveira of L'action 

La galerie McIntosh de l’Université Western présente jusqu’au 16 février les œuvres d’Adrian Norvid. Le plasticien montréalais, maintes fois récompensé, s’est fait connaître pour ses techniques iconoclastes et ses motifs nostalgiques des années 1970. (Read more)

Montreal artist’s drawings both challenge and amuse
Nov 6, 2012
| by Joe Belanger of The London Free Press

A Montreal-based artist with a penchant for drawing works that will equally amuse and challenge is the focus of a new exhibition at a London gallery. (Read more)

Jason McLean Meets Raymond Pettibon, and it Works
Nov 2, 2012
| by Matthew Ryan Smith of ARTINFO Canada

The McIntosh Gallery pairing of pop-text artists Jason McLean and Raymond Pettibon yields a marriage fitting, fun, and uncompromising.  (Read more)

London's punk era gave roots to revolt
Oct 24, 2012
| by James Reaney, The London Free Press

This weekend’s celebration of the London punk scene’s enduring genius is titled Graphic Underground: London 1977 to 1990. Presented by Western University’s McIntosh Gallery, the multi-dimensional exhibition means many artists and such bands as The Zellots will be centre stage after beginning their creative life somewhere out in the great punk beyond.  (Read more)

Apocalyptic punk era relived
Oct. 24, 2012
| by Joe Belanger, London Free Press

 Two London galleries — one presenting and the other hosting — are collaborating on a new exhibition of punk-era graphic art and zines with a nod to the current art scene.  (Read more)

Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 sure to be cultural event of the season
by Robert Pegg, The Beat Magazine

I recently came across the poster shown here for a Demics’ concert at the Cedar Lounge circa 1979 in a box in my basement after trying to find it for the past few years. It’s the one piece of local poster-art I own from that era. (Read more)