McIntosh Gallery Art & Travel Committee Presents a Day Trip: Van Gogh in America at the DIA

Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Detroit Institute of Arts

In celebration of its status as the first public museum in the United States to purchase a painting by Vincent van Gogh—Self-Portrait, 1887, which was acquired in 1922—the DIA is organizing the first exhibition dedicated to the introduction of the artist’s work in America.Featuring65paintings and works on paper from international collections,the exhibitionexplores theefforts made by earlypromoters of modernism in the United States—including dealers, collectors, and the artist’s family—to introduce the artist, his biography, and his artistic production into the American consciousness

The flyer can be accessed here and includes additional details about this trip, including an itinerary. 

For Further Information Contact: Wilda Thomas at (519) 472-1065 or or Kathleen Brown at