Young Canada Works Posting Closes May 11

Digital Curatorial and Outreach Assistant
Summer 2021
Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations

McIntosh Gallery is seeking a post-secondary student with an interest in contemporary art, communications, and public engagement for a position as a Digital Curatorial and Outreach Assistant. Under the supervision of McIntosh Gallery’s Curator, and working closely with the Communications & Outreach Coordinator, the successful student will:

  1. research examples of innovative uses of social media and other digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram/Instagram Live, as a means to reach new audiences beyond the bricks and mortar gallery;
  2. develop a curatorial project and identify how it can be translated across digital platforms;
  3. implement, design, promote, and publish related online content for web, social media and print communications. This will involve the coordination of background research, data collection and analysis of relevant gallery programmes and events to situate the gallery within a regional, national and international context;
  4. develop and implement marketing and communications strategies for online content, including social media, alternative media, and web content;
  5. assist in the design and production of thematic content in support of the gallery’s communications and marketing strategy.

The employment period is 12 weeks from May 31st to August 20th, 2021.

The ideal candidate will be a university student with some art history, media, or communications education and will have an interest in museum work and public engagement. The candidate will have excellent written and oral communication skills, excellent research and organizational skills with attention to detail, above-average computer experience, and skills in Microsoft Office. Proficiency in Adobe Suite will be considered an asset. The candidate must be self-motivated and have the ability to work independently, take initiative, and work collaboratively with administrative staff, students, volunteers, and members of the public. Specific knowledge of the London and Southwestern Ontario arts milieu will be an asset.

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