3/edition Toronto International Art Book Fair

McIntosh Gallery returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for this year’s 3/edition Toronto International Art Book Fair, running October 26 – 28, 2018. A selection of McIntosh publications featuring artists Ed Pien, Kelly Wood, Jason McLean, Parker Branch, James Kirkpatrick,Jay Isaac, Luis Jacob, Olia Mischenko, Camal Pirbhai and Camille Turner, and Dan Young and Christian Giroux; and writers Catherine de Zegher, Angela Kingston, Clint Burnham, Max Haiven, Kirsty Robertson, David Liss, Sarah Milroy, Christine Walde, E.C. Woodley, Jen Hutton, Matthew Purvis, Rhiannon Vogl, Anna Hudson, Ben Portis, Brian Lambert, Mike Neiderman, James Patten and Adam Lauder will be available for sale. Up to 50% off the price of select titles.


Futurisms Book launch and Signing with Curator, Adam Lauder
Saturday, October 27: 12 PM
Curated by Adam Lauder, Futurisms sets out to both recover and challenge the avant-garde's potential to engage and transform the social. Luis Jacob, Jay Isaac, Olia Mishchenko, Turner & Pirbhai, and Young & Giroux rewrite familiar histories of the future by offering critical perspectives on the recent and distant past while weaving futural fictions. The exhibition revisited the mixed legacies of historical futurist movements as a framework for situating metamodernist inquiry within Canada’s highly conflicted histories of technonationalism, colonialism, and slavery. The catalogue plots these concerns within a trajectory emanating from the visionary speculations of the London, Ontario-based radical psychiatrist R.M. Bucke.

Faith Patrick 
Co-presented with Forest City Gallery
Friday October 26 - Sunday, October 28, 2018 
Based on the childhood game of Broken Telephone, artist Faith Patrick will create an experimental text founded on chance, Fluxus poetry, and collaborative error. Over the course of the fair, a participant will write down what they hear whispered from the artist, only to relay that back to the artist, and so on. Involving many fairgoers, this interactive performance involves the enjoyment of play and relies on curious mistakes in translation. The spelling of the title of this interactive performance work is taken from a poem by Maxwell Lucas.