Resources for Artists

Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Program

McIntosh Gallery is a third-party recommender organization that participates annually in the Ontario Arts Council: Exhibition Assistance Program (Zone 1). The program provides grants to assist visual artists working in traditional and new media with the costs directly related to presenting their work in a confirmed, upcoming, public exhibition. Through these grants, McIntosh Gallery aims to cultivate and support practicing artists, including emerging artists, who reside in Zone 1 (as described by the OAC). We evaluate applications according to artistic merit, recent exhibition history, and potential benefit of the exhibition to the artist’s career. Applications for grants in the amount of $500-$2000 must be made through the Ontario Arts Council portal. If applicants do not have a profile with the OAC, they will need to create one in order to apply.

Important Changes for the 2022-23 Cycle

  • The 2023-23 program is open from June 2022 until January 13, 2023.
  • Applicants no longer need to apply before their exhibition start date. In 2022-23, applicants may apply for exhibitions that start on or after January 142022. 
  • Photo printing is now an eligible expense.
  • Virtual/online exhibitions are eligible if presented by a gallery/museum or other professional exhibition platform. Self-presented virtual exhibitions are not eligible.
Additional information about the program including application procedures, eligible expenses and activities, etc. can be found on the Ontario Arts Council website.